Learn how to cook healthy, flavourful meals with your busy life

Kirsten Schwarzer
Certified Nutrition Coach

Hi, I’m Kirsten

My passion for cooking started as a little girl. I remember sitting on the counter as my aunt and grandmother made meringues.

In fifth grade, I took cooking classes from a Le Cordon Bleu chef called Auntie K. She taught me how to make French toast, choux pastry and pizza dough. And in high school, my favorite subject was hospitality studies.

5 years ago, I got married to the coolest guy on the planet. I started to cook more often. But soon I got bored of cooking the same dinners every week and I bought a few cookbooks to give me some fresh ideas.

After a few months of cooking those recipes, I noticed that my jeans weren’t fitting the way they used to. I had picked up about 10 pounds (5kg) from trying to cook better food.

That led to me trying out a bunch of diets. I did everything from Whole30 to low fat. I even weighed all my food for a few months. And I hated it.

I felt so discouraged because there was this huge gap between the body I wanted to have and the food I wanted to eat. I looked for meal plans online to find a better way. All included steamed chicken with boiled broccoli and brown rice. Few people can sustain that diet for the rest of their life.

In 2015, I qualified as a nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition, one of the most respected organizations in the world. I learned the science behind losing weight and keeping it off in the long term. I started studying the science of habits too.

I combined my love for cooking with my knowledge of nutrition. That’s when everything clicked.

Healthy Sunday Brunch
Sunday brunch looks like this in our house now
Here's what I have for lunch on a typical Tuesday

I work full-time as a marketing manager for a tech startup and I’m building Radiant Body Co. on nights and weekends. It’s important to me to spend time with my husband and still meet up with my friends. I try to go to the gym often and I’m learning how to surf. My life is super busy.

But by using the tools & tricks I’ve found, I still cook nourishing food at home almost every night. And I love hearing my husband tell me that dinner was amazing.

I’m not perfect. And I’m not a trained chef either. But I love sharing as I learn new techniques and tips.

I created Radiant Body Co. to show you:

  • Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland or boring
  • Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore
  • You can have fun and be confident in the kitchen
Kirsten Schwarzer
Me at a cooking class in Bali last year

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